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I approach health and fitness coaching differently than your average personal trainer. My coaching style comes from a place of support and encouragement to help each client recognize their own strengths and celebrate their successes one step at a time.

Whether you are starting a health and fitness program for the first time or are well aware of your body’s capabilities and just looking for something different; I will create a program for you that enhances self-confidence, creates body awareness, and supports your health and fitness goals.

My motto is simplifying healthy. Dietary changes and exercise programs don’t have to be overwhelming and unmanageable. My goal for each client is to help you make healthy changes you are comfortable with and can sustain. I pride myself in making health care affordable and approachable.

Each session is scheduled privately in the comfort of your home.

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I highly recommend Nichole! For the first time I have a personal trainer who understands my chronic illness and how to create workouts that really are good for my health and I don’t hate! She is has created a great workout to lead me through in my pool. She knows what to do when I am in a lot of pain and the type of yoga I need those days. Because of her, I don’t cancel my sessions when I am stiff or in pain because I know working with her will actually make me feel better.

Becky M.
Scottsdale, AZ

Client Testimonial

I’m 62 and I’ve tried everything! The only thing that ever”stuck” was yoga. In addition to being a personal trainer, Nicole is also a yoga instructor – turn’s out it’s a perfect combination. Every workout is personalized and she brings the gym to me. No more excuses and, for the first time in my life, I actually really look forward to working out. It’s an indulgence…and I’m worth it!

Pati A.
McDowell Mountain Ranch
Scottsdale, AZ

Client Testimonial

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